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The Den of an Island Fox

Grey's Sanctum

Jericho Grey Foxx
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"Science without Religion is lame, Religion without science is blind"-Albert Einstein "Science, Philosopy and Religion: a Symposium" 1941

"Art is man's nature, nature is God's art"

"I've been looking for so long, to find this place I see,
And I've just got to believe, that its more then a dream,
Seems it's time I should move on, but I hope you come with me,
Till we find eternity"

ok, first and formost, I am a fur, a Catalina Island Fox, and I am very proud of that fact. I will not tolerate people attacking who and what I am. if you dont like it there is a simple solution... go away. If you dont have a problem with it, then by all means , welcome to my Live Journal! Secondly, I AM STRAIGHT!!!!! If you are a guy, please don't hit on me, this fox is for females ONLY! Thirdly, I am a "artist", namly a photographer, writer, and to a lesser extent... umm... drawer? so, I will from time to time post some of my work here. I know what is mine and I know what isnt, should I find that my work has been used without my permission, I WILL FIND YOU AND BITE YOU! Now, if you're still here, THEN WELCOME TO THE ISLAND FOX'S DEN!! :D

since you're still here I guess I should say a little bout me? umm... hmmm... well Im 6'1" brown eyes brown hair. Im a gammer, photographer and daydreamer. I like the outdoors and will spend as much time away from the city and people as I can get away with. I love wildlife, specifically wild (and domestic!) canines. It is my hope to one day have a job working with them such as an educator or field biologist. Im currently not college :( , though Im working on fixing that. Getting my education is very important to me. anything else you'd like to know, feel free to contact me via e-mail or AIM :).

"Me and all my friends / We're all missunderstood / They say we stand for nothing, and theres no way we ever could / Now I see everything thats going wrong, with the world and those who lead it / Just feel like we don't have the means, to rise above and beat it / So we keep waiting (waiting) waiting on the world to change, we keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change / Its hard to beat the system, when we're standing at a distance, so we keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change"
John Mayer "Waiting On The World To Change"

I am the proud owner of Island Fox Productions and its sister company Fox-Wolf Nature Photography (web sites coming soon)
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